Fat Splitting

CCI has built several plants for the thermal pressure splitting of oils and fats with water into Fatty Acid and Glycerine.  It is a simple, economic process and does not pollute the environment.  Some highlights of the process are –

  • This is a Single Tower Design
  • Our splitter works at the modern pressures of 63 barg rather than 30 barg which is used in older technology systems.  This has a direct impact on the splitting degree and oil losses which goes up from the old maximum of 95% to 99% within our system.
  • The splitter design has internal heat exchangers for heat recovery of outgoing streams.
  • Distributors are placed strategically that redistribute the two phases that allow us to achieve this level of splitting efficiently. 
  • The splitter volume allows for 4 hours of residence time in order to fully complete the splitting.
  • This section in our plant includes Pre-Concentrators to recover heat from the Flash Steam so that the sweet concentration from the process is in the range of 26–30% rather than the 10–11% that is obtained in older technology systems.  Furthermore, the Pre-heat is also recovered from the outgoing products.


Plant Capacity Range – 30 TPD to 1000 TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Feed
Heating Steam (60 barg) 160 Kgs.
Process Water 0.6 m3
Cooling Water (20°C) (m3) 12 m3
Electrical Energy 10 kWh
Output Product Data
Fat Splitting Degree > 99%
Glycerine Water Concentration 26–30% after pre-concentration