Liquid Lecithin

Lecithin is a naturally occurring compound found in nature, both plant and animal, and is mostly a mixture of glycolipids, triglycerides and phospholipids (e.g. phosphatidycholine).  CCI has an exclusive technical collaboration in the area of Phospholipids which provides us with detailed design and process expertise in the areas of De-oiled Lecithin and Lecithin Powder. 

Crude water degummed Soya gums are the ideal feedstock for edible grade Lecithin.  The crude gums are homogenized and pre-heated to 55–60ºC and dehydrated in a short contact Wiped Film Turbo Drier under vacuum.  The product is then cooled and bleached to meet the end user’s requirements.

Plant Capacity Range – 1 TPD to 10TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Input
Steam 600 Kgs.
Hydrogen Peroxide As required
Electrical Energy 33 kWh
Output Product Data (Lecithin Powder)
Acetone Insoluble 60% min.
Benzene Insoluble 0.5% max.
Moisture 1% max.
Acid Value 32 max.
Viscosity poises (25ºC) 150 max.
Color, Gardner 10 max.