Solvent Extraction

CCI has an extensive track record in the design, engineering and implementation of Turnkey Solvent Extraction Plants. We have the distinction of having built the first ever Solvent Extraction Plant that was built in India and since then, we have built more than 100 turnkey plants globally based on a range of feedstocks such as Rice Bran, Soybean, Mustard, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Palm Kernel, Spent Earth, Copra etc.

CCI’s detailed design and process technology for Solvent Extraction is based on an exclusive collaboration with M/s Extractiontechnik, one of the foremost process and engineering design firms in Germany in the areas of Refinery Technology and Extraction.

The design and engineering that CCI offers, provides special features which enhance the quality and cost-effectiveness of the Solvent Extraction unlike that offered by other technology vendors in the market today.

To highlight some aspects of our Solvent Extraction design –

  • Our design for the Extractor has the least number of moving parts.  The two moving parts i.e. the bearings, are outside the Extractor shell and provide easy access for maintenance at all times, even while the Extractor is running.
  • For comparable designs, CCI provides the largest area for condensation for solvent recovery.
  • The Extractor screen provided is self-cleaning, made in Stainless Steel and offers a lifetime guarantee.
  • Best in class bought-out equipment such as pumps, motors, gearboxes etc.
  • Our Desolventizer–Toaster (DT) is of Schumacher design and is used internationally for Desolventisation. 
  • Our design has a very efficient Economizer which recovers the DT vapors to complete the distillation up to 70%, thereby requiring the least amount of steam consumption in our plant design.

Seed Preparation

The Oil Seed Preparation section is offered to suit the feedstock to facilitate Extraction and is based on the latest technology in Seed Cleaning, Destoning, Grading, De-hulling, Flaking and Expander/Extruders from Buhler, Anderson, Technal etc.  The use of Expanders / Extruders is useful in extending the ambit of different Oil Seeds that can be processed, along with an increase of 25–30% of the Extraction plant capacity. 



Plant Capacity Range – 25 TPD to 5000TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Oil (Varies with type of feedstock)
Food Grade Hexane < 1.0 kg
Steam (10 barg) 170 kgs
Cooling Water (32°C) 30 m3
Electrical Energy 8 kWh
Output Product Data (Varies with Input Feed)
Extraction Meal
Residual Oil Content Below 0.7% w/w AOCS method
Moisture 11% + 0.5%
Temperature 10ºC max.
Residual Solvent Content Below 0.05%
Extracted Oil
Temperature 50ºC
Solvent content 0.08% max.
Total volatiles 0.16% max.
MIV 0.2% max.
Flash point Above 220ºC