Physical & Chemical Refining

The Refining of Edible Vegetable Oils occurs primarily to improve the color, odor, taste and shelf life of the product, in order to increase its salability. Oil seeds like Soybean, Mustard, Rapeseed, Cottonseed, Groundnut etc. are widely used and their refining occurs using either a Physical or Chemical Refining processes.

CCI has extensive experience in providing Physical and Chemical Oil Refining plants and has built more than 50 plants globally, ranging in capacity from 10 to 200 TPD. The Refining systems implemented by CCI employ continuous Centrifugal systems using Westfalia Centrifuges and specially designed double shell Stainless Steel Deodorizers with Fatty Acid Recovery. All the refineries utilize Stainless Steel Continuous Bleaching systems with PLF filters

The CCI refining process pays careful attention to the following in order to obtain the highest quality product for our customers –

  • Removal of all Phosphatides by Degumming, which are instrumental in causing the Oil to be dark in color and have an unpleasant odor
  • Removal of Metal Contaminants e.g. Iron, Zinc etc. which cause Atmospheric Oxidation of the Oil
  • Removal of Residual Gums, Soaps and Peroxides, along with reduction in Color of the Oil by efficient use of Activated Earths
  • Reduction of Color in the Oil via Heat Bleaching to reduce consumption of Bleaching chemicals. 
  • Reduction of Odor by use of specially designed Deodorizers (operating at 2–3 Torr vacuum at >230°C)

The CCI process line utilizes Westfalia Centrifuges for the efficient separation of the precipitated hydrated gums and uses Pressure Leaf filters to reduce the loss of oil in the Bleaching Earth.  The Oil Refining plant has an excellent heat recovery system in order to reduce the input of steam, fuel oil and power for the customer.



Plant Capacity Range – 10 TPD to 1500TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Feed (Varies with type of feedstock)
Steam (10 barg) 520 kgs
Electrical Energy 30 kWh
Output Product Data (Oil after Bleaching)
FFA Content 0.08% max
Moisture Content 0.1% max