Soy Protein Concentrate

The process employed in CCI’s design technology leverages our strength in the Continuous Solvent Extraction arena.  The first step in the process involves the extraction of Defatted Soy Meal by means of Aqueous Alcohol from the feedstock.  This step removes the soluble sugars and proteins which increases the protein content of the next level to 65–67%.  The product is commercially known as Soy Protein Concentrate (SPC). 

The primary objective in the SPC process is immobilizing the major protein fraction while extracting the soluble carbohydrates, nitrogenous material and other soluble minor constituents.  The method of extraction also influences the color of the finished product.  Following the removal of the soluble materials, the residue is dried.  Stringent control procedures are maintained during the production of the SPC in order to produce consistent products.  These process controls include not only soy flake selection, but also types of solvents, temperature, types of enzymes, pH and microbial monitoring.

Plant Capacity Range – Up to 200 TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Feedstock
Steam (10 barg) 4550 Kgs.
Electrical Energy 52 kWh
Cooling Water 180 m3/day
Alcohol Below 15.5 Kgs.
Output Product Data (SPC)
Moisture 6–7%
Protein on the Material as is 66–67%
Lipids 0.3–0.4% max.
Ash 4–5% max.
Output Product Data (Whey / Molasses)
Moisture 25–30%
Carbohydrates 70–75%