Fatty Acid Fractionation

The Fatty Acid Fractionation process separates the Fatty Acid into much narrower components to obtain fractional purities of up to 99.5% for products like Fatty Alcohols, Methyl Esters of Fatty Acids and other organic compounds. 

The design process employed optimizes the recovery of heat and provides the highest quality of product available in the market today.  The feedstock utilized in this process is distilled Fatty Acids.  Vacuum towers equipped with structured packing are utilized to fractionate the fatty acids.  While the vapors are condensed on the surface condensers, the reflux is evaporated by the Falling Film Evaporators. 

Purities that are achieved via this process are approximately 99.5% for a C12 fraction from coconut fatty acid.  Erucid Acid of 95% for a C22 fraction from rape seed oil fatty acid.  With market demand for Oleic Acids and Stearic Acids, the process of fractionation in packed columns is gaining in importance.  The packing provided in the columns has a very high efficiency, with a low pressure drop, and is used to achieve purities above 99%, especially for long-chain fatty acid fractions, without any thermal damage to the final product.