Bio- Diesel

CCI’s provides state-of-art turnkey Bio-Diesel plants which are based on our technology.

Since our first Bio-Diesel project, CCI has built and is currently involved in several Bio-Diesel plants. 

Some reference examples of our completed and ongoing projects are:

  • Southern Online Bio Technologies Limited, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India (10,000 TPA)
  • Nova Bio Fuels (P) Limited, Panipat, Haryana, India (10,000 TPA)
  • Costal Energy Limited, Falta SEZ, Kolkata, West Bengal, India (60,000 TPA)


Plant Capacity Range – 30 TPD to 1000 TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Methyl Ester
Methanol 96 kgs. approx.
Sodium Methylate 5 kgs. approx.
Hydrochloric Acid (37%) 10 kgs. approx.
Caustic Soda 1.5 kgs. approx.
Nitrogen 1 Nm3 approx.
Process Water 20 kgs. approx.
Steam (10 barg) 350 kgs/hr. approx.
Cooling Water (ΔT=10°C) 25 m3 approx.
Electrical Energy 12 kWh approx.
Output Product Data
Methyl Ester > 99%
Crude Glycerine > 80%