Spice, Flavor & Herbal Extraction

The extraction of active components from natural substances like flowers and spices provide the aroma, fragrance, flavor and pharmacological properties that is used in a variety of applications used in the Food Processing, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Perfume Industries.  CCI has been at the forefront of developing new technologies in this area and has focused on developing Gas-based Extraction Plants for Spices, Flavors and Herbs.

Older extraction technologies such as Effleurage, Distillation and the use of Chemical Solvents such as Hexane, Benzene etc. is commonly used to produce natural raw materials for fragrance and flavor ingredients; however, the elevated temperatures and conventional chemical solvents used in these processes detract from the total quality.  Higher temperatures damage sensitive flavors and fragrances, while the residue of chemical solvents is virtually impossible to remove from these raw materials. 

The technology developed at CCI utilizes gas-based Hydro-fluorocarbon solvents which leave residues that are less than one-thousandth (< 20 parts per Billion) that of conventional extraction technologies.  Our process improves the quality of the product, produces higher yields, does not use toxic solvents or alcohols, and the extraction can be conducted at or below ambient room temperatures.  Furthermore, the CCI process is a low pressure process that does not use acidic gas, is approved for food use, does not damage the ozone layer, does not use any flammable solvents, completely recycles the solvent used and produces no offensive effluent.

Plant Capacity Range – 1 TPD to 5 TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Raw Material
Solvent 10 liters
Electrical Energy 60 kWh
Output Product Data (Oil Free Wax)
Saleable Spice Oils / Oleo-resins to International Buyer’s Standards