Modified Fats / Margarines / Interesterification

The process used to develop Margarines is done via Interesterification in special Reactors by using two types of fully refined feedstock – one hard and the other a soft oil, using a catalyst like Methoxide with intense mixing.  The oil is blended in pre-determined ratios and the mixture is dried under vacuum at 90 –100°C. 

The reaction is followed by a melting point measurement until the desired degree of randomization is reached as indicated by the melting point of 37°C for shortening etc.  The reaction is stopped by the addition of permitted acids and the contents are then washed free of the catalyst and acids, and sent on to storage.  The finished product is now ready to be packed and shipped. 

Plant Capacity Range – 25 TPD to 200TPD

Utility Consumption per ton of Feed
Steam (10 barg) 60 Kgs.
Electrical Energy 37 kWh
Catalyst 6 Kgs.
Output Product Data
FFA Content 0.08% max.
Moisture Content 0.1% max.
Iodine Value No change